Historias de vida en educación: biografías en contexto

This publication brings together the research presented at the 1st Conference on Life Histories in Education Research: Epistemology, Methodology, Ethics and Training,organised by the Quality Research Group ESBRINA (Contemporary subjectivities and educational environments 2009SGR503). The conference was hosted in the Department of Teaching and Learning and Educational Organization at the University of Barcelona, June 10th and 11th, 2010.

50 people attended the conference, including university professors and researchers, Master students and PhD candidates from Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Chile, Italy, France and Brazil. After an introduction from the conference coordinators, attendees intensely debated the questions that emerged from their readings of the conference papers, which some participants made available ahead of time. Later, the majority of contributors revised their work to accommodate the format of this publication.



Fernando Hernández

Juana Mª Sancho

José Ignacio Rivas