Arts and Research in Education: Opening Perspectives

In some educational and artistic contexts, to speak of a posthuman arts education may seem an oxymoron. Especially if one shares the humanist vision that considers art an essentially human practice. However, art, in any of its modalities, cannot be realised without ‘materiality’, that is, without the nonhuman, which makes art ‘materialise’. This fact means that in addition to human action, artistic practice cannot be conceived without the ‘agency’ of matter, that is, of the non-human. Nowadays, the matter is a target of interest since the ‘new ontology’ began to pay attention to the ‘posthuman’. In this introduction to the Proceedings of the 2022 edition of the NW29 Research in Art Education, we will focus on the relevance that posthumanism may have for art education and research in this field.


Judit Onsès Segarra
Fernando Hernández Hernández