Empezar por las trayectorias de aprendizaje de las investigadoras Cómo nos relacionamos y cómo nos afecta aquello sobre lo que queremos investigar

When, in the Esbrina research group, we began to go through the challenges involved in carrying out an interpretative investigation of a narrative nature and linked to the stories that people give us, we established a framework or political declaration of intentions, which would guide us in the type of research that we wanted to carry out. This framework has led us to carry out research experiences in which the “subjects” are not reduced to the category of data providers. One of the consequences of this mode of relationship is that before approaching the “Other” to inquire about a phenomenon, we have first inquired about it from our trajectories and experiences. In accordance with this principle, in this publication, we give an account of our relationship with learning at the university, which serves as the beginning of the project “Learning trajectories of young university students: conceptions, strategies, technologies and contexts” (Ministry of Science and Innovation , PID2019-108696RB-I00.2020-2023). Giving an account of our relationships with the phenomenon that we are trying to configure in the research is, in addition to a way of making our positionalities explicit, a way of initiating a horizontal relationship with those who generously collaborate in the research.


Fernando Hernández-Hernández
Jose Miguel Correa Gorospe
Miriam Peña Zabala
Regina Guerra Guezuraga