Una pedagogía desobediente

This book includes a plot of stories in which we share our knowledge and experiences in early childhood, primary, secondary and university education. In these stories we braid what a disobedient pedagogy can be. The notion of disobedient pedagogy is related to a pedagogical ethos that does not anticipate or determine a prescribed ontological or epistemological subject (the teacher or the learner). Like Dennis Atkinson, we do not think of the praxis of disobedience in the sense of being uncomfortable or rebellious simply for the sake of it, but in terms of enabling an event that, by failing to comply with what was per-established, opens up new ways of thinking, acting and learning.

The book also offers a non-normative and genealogical vision of what it can be like to learn and teach in a globalized and relational way. To do this, we share the sense of learning that guides us and what an inquiry project can be and do. To which we add contributions from classroom life that question dichotomies, raise questions, link concepts and do not avoid challenges and tensions. In the background, the notion of disobedience provides an invitation to question what we already know, think about the inertia we carry, consider what we want to preserve and project what may be to come.


Fernando Hernández-Hernández

Marisol Anguita

Octaedro, 2023

ISBN: 9788419690791