VIII Conference on Life Stories in Education

The role of documents and visual strategies as triggers and mediators of stories

April 28 and 29, 2022

The Esbrina research group, in collaboration with the Department of Didactics and Educational Organization and the Cultural Pedagogies Unit of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona, has assumed the commitment to organize the eighth edition of the “Conference on Life Stories in Education”. This meeting will take place at CESIRE (Center for Specific Resources for Support to Innovation and Educational Research), on April 28 and 29, 2022.

On this occasion, we have chosen to delve into the role of visual resources in life stories and therefore the title of the conference is “Life Stories in Education. The role of documents and visual strategies as triggers and mediators of stories”. We propose this topic as the axis of the meeting, because life stories are linked to images and because visual strategies can be enablers of narrative forms. This problem will allow us to advance in contributions from previous conferences such as the politics of representation, the ways of narrating (or narrating oneself), the relationship with the Other who gives us his story, the reconstruction of what has been lived and the relationship between images and stories.

In accordance with the methodological approach followed in previous editions, the work dynamics will be based on open and frank dialogue about the works presented, favoring public debate and shared reflection. The papers presented will be articulated around four axes:

  • Life stories and photographic archives.
  • Images as triggers for shared encounters and stories.
  • Images as an expansion of the onto-epistemologies of life stories.
  • Images as a device for making the invisible visible in life stories.

In accordance with the way of working followed in previous conferences, the complete communications will be uploaded to the conference website a few days before they are held, so that they can be read by the attendees, so the work in each one of the thematic tables is dedicated to the sharing of knowledge, experiences and critical and shared debate. Each table will have the participation of moderators, who will discuss the key points of each thematic line and will give the floor to the participants. Likewise, rapporteurs will be established at each table, in order to gather this discussion, offer some conclusions and propose future lines of work.

Call for papers

To participate in the conference, it will be necessary to deliver a paper of between 3,000 and 6,000 words before April 1, 2022, following the template presented below:

Template 2022


The papers presented will be evaluated by the scientific committee of the conference and each participant will receive the acceptance response before April 8, 2022.

Submissions will be sent to the following email address:

In the subject of the email you must indicate NAME + SUBJECT LINE

Previous editions

In 2019, the VII edition of the Life Stories Conference: A Look at Historical Memory took place, which were hosted at the Segovia Faculty of Education at the University of Valladolid.

In 2017, the VI edition of the Life Stories Conference. Visualities in Life Stories, took place at the University of Lleida.

In 2015, the V edition of the Life Stories in Education Conference Silenced voices, was held at the University of Almería. The communications of this meeting are published in the repository of said University.

In 2013, at the University of the Basque Country, San Sebastián School of Education, Department of Didactics and School Organization UPV / EHU the IV Conference on Life Stories, The role of narrative biographical research in the initial and ongoing training of teachers took place. Part of the communications were published in the journal Tendencias Pedagógicas.

In 2012, the CIIE – Center for Educational Research and Intervention of the University of Porto, organized the III Conference on Life Stories in Education – The construction of knowledge from Life Stories, which took place in Porto, on the 8th and November 9, 2012, at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences. The publication can be found at the following link:

In 2011, the second edition of the Conference was held at the University of Malaga, organized by the ProCIE Group, which resulted in the publication of Historias de Vida en Educación: Sujeto, Experiencia y Diálogo. The publication is at:

In 2010, the first edition of these Conference was held in Barcelona, ​​I Conference of Life stories in Education, organized by the ESBRINA Group of the University of Barcelona, ​​which resulted in the electronic publication of the book Historias de vida en Educación. Biografías en Contexto.

Key dates

  • Submission of papers: April 1, 2022
  • Acceptance notice: April 8, 2022
  • Sending of the final version: April 18, 2022
  • Registration period: March 15 – April 20, 2022
  • Celebration of the Conference: April 28 and 29, 2022


9:00 Collection of materials and reception of participants
9:45 Opening and presentation of the Conference (Esbrina Research Group)

Cristina Alonso
Esbrina research group coordinator

Fernando Hernández
Conference coordinator

Elizabeth Aznar
CESIRE director

10:00 Life stories in educational research: balance of contributions and challenges in 12 years of Conferences.

Amelia Lòpes, (Universidad de Porto), Analía Leite (Universidad de Málaga), Esther Prados (Universidad de Almería), Glòria Jové (Universitat de Lleida), José Miguel Correa (Universidad del País Vasco), and Juana M. Sancho (Universitat de Barcelona)

11:30 Coffee break
12:00 Discussion table 1 – Life stories and photographic archives.

Intervention by Judit Onsès Segarra (University of Girona) and communications debate.


Rapporteurs: Angieru Gutiérrez-Cabello and Miriam Peña Zabala (Universidad del País Vasco)

14:00 Lunch
16:00 Workshop

What do the images say about our teaching experiences at the University

Coordinated by Amparo Alonso Sanz (University of Valencia) and Sara Carrasco (University of Barcelona and Autonomous University of Chile).

In this workshop, participants are invited to share one or two photographs that give an account of some teaching experience at the university that they consider significant for some reason.

17:30 Discussion table 2 – Images and visual strategies as triggers for shared encounters and stories.

Intervention by Estibaliz Aberasturi-Apraiz (University of the Basque Country) and communications debate.


Rapporteurs: Piedad Calvo León and Virginia Martagón Vázquez (Universidad de Málaga)

9:30 Discussion table 3 – Images as an expansion of onto-epistemologies in life history research.

Intervention by Ignacio Rivas Flores (University of Malaga) and Fernando Hernández (University of Barcelona) and communications debate.


Rapporteurs: Leanete Thomas Dotta and Thiago Freires (Universidade do Porto)

11:30 Coffee break
12:00 Discussion table 4 – Images and visual strategies as a device for making the invisible visible in life stories.

Intervention by Paulo Nogueira (director of the Master in Visual Arts of the FPCEUP) and communications debate.


Rapporteurs: Silvia de Riba and Juliana Cifuentes (University of Barcelona)

14:00 Lunch
16:00 Closing guest lectureThe role of images in social research

Isaac Marrero Guillamón
Professor of visual ethnography at Goldsmish College and the University of Barcelona

17:00 Presentation by the rapporteurs of the four tables and balance of the main contributions of the conference.

Presentation of the narratograph on the conference by Marta Crespi (Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona).

18:00 Closure and planning of future meetings

Organizing committee

  • Castro Varela, Aurelio (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • De Riba Mayoral, Sílvia (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Giró Gràcia, Xavier (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Hernández-Hernández, Fernando (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Herraiz-García, Fernando (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Navarro Ferrer, Nora (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Riera Retamero, Marina (Universitat de Barcelona)

Scientific committee

  • Aberasturi-Apraiz, Estibaliz (Universidad del País Vasco)
  • Bustamante Garín, Paloma M. (Universidad de Almería)
  • Calvo León. Piedad (Universidad de Málaga)
  • Correa Gorospe, José Miguel (Universidad del País Vasco)
  • Cortés González, Pablo (Universidad de Málaga)
  • Delgado Corredera, María José (Universidad de Màlaga)
  • Domingo Coscollola, Maria (UIC)
  • González Alba, Blas (Universidad de Málaga)
  • Guerra Guezuraga, Regina (Universidad del País Vasco)
  • Gutiérrez-Cabello, Aingeru (Universidad del País Vasco)
  • Hernández Mite, Kelly (Universidad de Almería)
  • Jové Monclús, Glòria (Universitat de Lleida)
  • Leite Méndez. Analía. E. (Universidad de Málaga)
  • Lopes, Amelia (Universidade do Porto)
  • Mañas Olmo, Moisés (Universidad de Málaga)
  • Márquez García, María Jesús (Universidad de Málaga)
  • Martagón, Virginia (Universidad de Màlaga)
  • Martínez Scott, Suyapa (Universidad de Valladolid)
  • Moreno Parra, Jesús (Universidad de Málaga)
  • Onsès Segarra, Judit (Universitat de Girona)
  • Padua Arcos, Daniela (Universidad de Almería)
  • Peña Zabala, Miriam (Universidad del País Vasco)
  • Pereira, Fátima (Universidade do Porto)
  • Prados Megías, Esther (Universidad de Almería)
  • Rivas Flores, José Ignacio (Universidad de Málaga)
  • Sánchez Sánchez, María (Universidad de Almería)
  • Sancho Gil, Juana María (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Sasiain Camerero-Núñez, Alatiz (Universidad del País Vasco)
  • Simón Martín, Maritxell (Universitat de Lleida)
  • Torres Fernández, Pablo (Universidad de Málaga)