Y sí… hoy más que nunca, hablemos de educación

This is a book conceived and developed in “think mode”. If you don’t “feel like” moving your brain, your heart, even your stomach –fundamental organs for thinking, transforming, enjoying and suffering– you better not read it. Although thinking about and considering phenomena as complex as education, according to neuroscience scholars, keeps our brain alive and improves, therefore, our lives.

It does not offer solutions to the problems that you have to face every day in the place from which you dedicate yourself to education; no miraculous recipes, no prescriptions; nor wonderful formulas in the form of some kind of “meta-verse”. This text assumes the context and the moment in which we are living, and tries to situate its faces and edges, vanishing points, issues, forces and power relations, strengths, weaknesses and possibilities.

Throughout its pages I tackle, from my experience, reflections, dialogues with different authors and research, our living in changing societies and teaching in institutions with inertial tendencies. The implications for education of serving populations in transit. Educational Technology today. The digital overflow and its side effects. What it means to become a teacher in today’s world and where we are going or would like to go.


Juana M. Sancho Gil

Editum. Ediciones de la Universidad de Murcia, 2022

ISBN-13: 9788418936586