Estrategias pedagógicas para una educación intercultural

Posibilidades y tensiones

Online Seminar
April 25th, 2022

In the last three years we have developed the European project MiCREATE, with the participation of researchers from ten countries and fifteen organizations. Its objective is to explore and offer alternatives to how European educational systems welcome and respond to the needs of children and young people with a migrant background. This project, despite considering the role and responsibility of all the parties involved, has used a child-centered approach. In this process, we have been able to debate notions such as: integration, inclusion, colonial curriculum, intersectionality, etc., and we explored with the participating schools possible responses to the cultural diversity of the classrooms.

The objectives of this seminar are:

  • Sharing with the educational community the contributions of the project.
  • Making the experiences of the schools that have participated visible.
  • Exchange visions, tensions and alternatives to dialogue with a world and subjects that are increasingly global.


Institut-Escola El Til·ler Escola Drassanes Institut-Escola Pepa Colomer Recopilación de prácticas y elaboración de dos aplicaciones Recomendaciones y propuestas surgidas del proyecto


17.00 Welcome
17.15 Presentation of the MiCREATE project. What have we learned about student diversity in education systems?

Fernando Hernández Hernández
Coordinador of the MiCREATE project in Catalonia

17.30 Our experience in schools
Institut-Escola El Til·ler
Paula Estalayo BielsaEscola Drassanes
Juana M. Sancho and Maria Domingo Coscollola

Institut-Escola Pepa Colomer
Silvia de Riba Mayoral

18.00 Introduction and brief presentation of the materials created during the project: guidelines for teachers, ICT tools

Paula Lozano Mulet y Marina Riera Retamero

18.10 Recommendations and proposals arising from the project

Xavier Giró Gràcia and Fernando Herraiz García

18.20 Conversation break rooms

Judit Onsès Segarra

19.00 Closing remarks
Fernando Hernández Hernández


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April 25th, 2022


From 5pm to 7pm



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